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Our local Wot's On in Henstridge magazine is published 4 times a year and delivered personally by a team of volunteers to around 830 homes in Henstridge parish. A number of volunteers give their time generously to provide regular updates and articles.

Wot's On was initially set up as a church initiative on behalf of the parish, and the church continues to play an active part in its production.   However the magazine came under a new editorial team in 2013, and the magazine is now a community publication, supported but no longer published by the Parochial Church Council.

Printing, folding and stapling is contracted to professional printers and paid for by limited advertising, although the magazine remains non-profit making.

Deadlines for contributions and advertising copy for 2024 are :


Advertising in our magazine ranges from £5 an issue for a 1 unit entry to £50 for a Back Page. All advertisements may appear in colour.

Please note that inclusion of an advertisement does not imply that the editors are aware of, use or endorse the products or services advertised, unless stated explicitly in editorial.

If you are a resident or have an interest in Henstridge we welcome any articles, event listings, photography, poetry and letters submitted for inclusion. However please note that the editor reserves the right to refuse, alter or amend material as deemed necessary.

This website has been set up as an online resource for viewers to read current and archived issues as PDF files and to contact the editorial and advertising teams.